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born 3/8/96 (the web page, not me, you idiot you)

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We're there, dude...

Hey, I actually legitimately received one of the above awards on 10/16/97 (and it wasn't the Mort one, either).

I apologize if anyone stumbled into this page (of course, no way that could possibly happen). Let me know if you did, though, via email or whatever. (Click here if you're stuck in a frame.)

Good Lord I gotta update some of this!

I moved most of the contents of my home page to separate pages, with the exception of my mostly phony awards (top), and the usage statistics (below). That way, my home page doesn't take 8 hours to load. (Do people care how long it takes to load? People do care...) You can still get to all the info, by selecting the appropriate link, above.

Usage statistics (as of 11/8/00, 'cuz previous counter got inexplicably hosed):

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Over a zillion billion served.

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